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Curriculum Vision and IPC

Vision & IPC 

At Dallow we want our pupils to achieve and succeed from the very best possible start in their primary education. To that end, we have endeavoured to provide a curriculum that does just that. It allows pupils to access a broad and balanced curriculum that widens their horizons in terms of learning, but most of all appreciate the different subjects we teach in a way that makes pupils want to learn more, not stifle their imagination, creativity or abilities. We strive to ensure that pupils will have the ‘skills’ to do well in secondary education and beyond so they can succeed and fulfil their dreams.

IPC (International Primary Curriculum)

The IPC is a rigorous, learning-focused curriculum that sets out to help teachers help children learn and develop academically, personally and internationally.

Why the IPC?

At Dallow Primary School, we are part of a learning community of schools across the world which uses IPC as their planned curriculum. Children’s learning is the central purpose of everything connected with the IPC. Children’s learning will respond to their current and future personal needs, their future career needs and the needs of the varied societies and cultural groups in which they are likely to play a part. The National Curriculum have been linked closely to the IPC units to ensure that we are fulfilling and exceeding national expectations and coverage.

This unique curriculum has a strong element of internationalism built into learning. By adopting the IPC, we are central to a learning global community.

The Process of the IPC

The units of work provide practical activities which teachers use in the classroom plus a wealth of other supportive information. Each unit is structured to make sure that children's learning experiences are as stimulating as possible.

All the units follow the same process of learning as described below...