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Behaviour and Rewards

Polite, Ready, Safe underpins everything in relation to behaviour and safety.

Children at all times are expected to adhere to these 3 school rules.

For full details of the school’s policy on promoting positive behaviour for a safe and secure learning environment please read the Behaviour Policy (updated Dec ’17). This is available on the school website under ‘Policies’

House System and ePraise Rewards

The school is divided into 4 houses. These are:

  • Centaurs
  • Dragons
  • Phoenix
  • Unicorns

The school runs house competitions led by Mr D Keegan and points can be awarded to contribute towards their house total.

The rewards system in school is underpinned through the online system ‘ePraise’. Praise points can also be awarded for any positive aspects of learning and behaviour. All members of staff can give praise points to any children across the school.

They can be given in the following ways:

  • Directly onto the ePraise system.
  • Children are given a unique code and they add the points themselves via ePraise.

ePraise will then collate the points and this will be shared in the Monday morning assemblies by the assistant headteachers. At the end of the year the winning house receives the ‘Dallow House Shield’.

Logins and access will be provided to students at the start of the year. Parents can also have an account to track and get updates about your child’s behaviour in school and what they have achieved points for. To do this the school will require your email address to provide access.

For more information see: www.epraise.co.uk