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At Dallow Primary we use a variety of assessments techniques to help ascertain a pupil’s current attainment and progress in a curriculum area.

Progress Indicators…

Teachers will use a variety of evidence to report a child’s current progress in school. This could include: Book Work, In-School Moderation, Assessment for Learning and Progress/Topic Tests. The reported grade will be either: Below Expected, At Expected or Above Expected. These grades should give parents and pupils an indication of how well they are progressing in school, in comparison to their peers and the school’s expected progress.

Attainment Indicators…

We currently use ‘Classroom Monitor’ to track and identify pupils and whether they have achieved a specific objective, in relation to a subject or topic. These objectives are essentially added together to give an ‘Attainment’ grade at various points in the year. The starting attainment will be ‘Beginning’ for each child. By the end of the year, pupils will be expected to get to ‘Proficient’ by the end of the summer term.

This information will be passed onto parents in one of three progress reports at the end of each academic term.

An example below shows the expected attainment for a year 4 pupil.

Expected Attainment by term – Year 4

Autumn 1


Autumn 2


Spring 1


Spring 2


Summer 1


Summer 2


Our IPC Curriculum links in with classroom monitor, so not only can our core subjects be tracked but our foundation subjects can be tracked and assessed as well. The IPC curriculum subjects will be assessed by means of a rubric grid which is self-assessed by pupils and teacher assessed. 


An example is shown below: