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Committed to excellent standards of teaching in partnership with a variety of local and national organisations contributing towards system-wide improvement.

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 Nancy Roberts (Chair of Governors)

It is my honour and privilege to chair the amazing group of people who comprise the LGB at    Dallow Primary School.  I have lived and worked in Luton for 50 years.  I bring 30 years of skills  and expertise of working in education with young people at Luton Sixth Form College.  I have 9 years experience in a Governor role. I have two daughters both of whom have progressed through the education system in Luton from reception to year 13 in the sixth form.  I believe  very strongly in the need for a close partnership between staff at the school, parents and pupils. I support wholeheartedly the ethos and philosophy of improving the life chances  of every child at Dallow Primary School.

Haris Shafi (Vice Chair of Governors) 

 Having grown up in Luton, I am passionate about the development of our town and the role education plays in young people’s aspirations, as well as social mobility. It is for this reason I became interested in working with Dallow on their journey to providing the best education possible for the children in our town, which I believe starts at an early age, and setting them up for success later on. 

I have wide-ranging experiences of working in local secondary education, starting in 2014 as a teaching assistant, and going on to become a History teacher, pastoral leader and a specialist leader of education. I have also previously been a staff governor at a local secondary school. I aim to bring my knowledge and experience from these roles to my position at Dallow, where my key responsibility area is safeguarding. 

Katharine Lovell (Headteacher)

As Headteacher, I am delighted to work in partnership with the Local Governing Board to support the strategic growth and development of Dallow.  I joined Dallow as Headteacher, in September 2019. Following a career as a police officer in the Metropolitan Police Service, I started teaching in 2002 and I have worked in a number of schools. Prior to my move to Luton, I have always worked in Hertfordshire schools.  My governance experience is quite broad as I have been part of the governing body in my two previous schools as a Deputy and Assistant Headteacher and I am also a parent governor at my sons’ school.

Javeed Khaliq (Co-opted Governor)
Awaiting content - new appointment


Cllr Alia Khan (community Governor)
Awaiting content - new appointment

Karen Mankin (Community Governor)

I became a community governor for Dallow Primary School in September 2018. I have two teenage children.

I am head of Mathematics at Denbigh High School in Luton where I have worked for the past nine years. This is part of the same trust as Dallow.

I am the governor responsible for mathematics at Dallow. I feel that my role helps during the transition from primary to secondary school.

I am passionate about providing the best opportunities possible for all pupils to ensure that they reach their full potential.

Karima Raji (Parent Governor)

I am new to the parent governor role and delighted to be a part of the team. I am a mother of three children with two currently attending Dallow Primary. I appreciate the important role that schools play in shaping and developing the futures of children. As such, I’ve developed a keen interest in the education sector. I have a lengthy customer service background with a career in the airline industry. As a cabin crew member with additional responsibilities as a crew counsellor; I have developed strong listening and communication skills with a natural ability to empathise with others. Dallow Primary School is rich in community spirit and promotes a strong ethos. I am excited to work together with the school in fulfilling its goal in delivering outstanding education.

Nicola Covington (Trust  Governor)
Awaiting content - new appointment
Rumy Begum (Parent Governor)

I am a very flexible, self-motivated, well-disciplined individual with a keen desire to learn new skills in a different environment. I have experience working with children. I ensure the safety, wellbeing and educational needs making sure the children’s emotional wellbeing is provided for at all times. Creating an engaging and stimulating environment.  For the children to interest them in learning. Promoting and building strong parent partnerships to facilitate the development of the children adhering strictly to and following all safeguarding policies and procedures, which is why I hope you’ll trust me to be a parent governor.

Marcus Ray (Co-opted Governor)

I have none of my own children in school. I do have nephews and nieces within primary schools and we support them in their learning and education, as well as being the ‘teacher’ family friend that often gets that call for help. I am a school teacher and leader at heart and have been for 20+ Years. As you will see from my bio I have worked mainly at Lark Rise Academy through its period of 4 outstanding OFSTED as a leader in different roles. I am also currently the CLT Primary Director of Maths for half my week and the other half I am Primary Teacher Training lead for the CTG SCITT provision. I have been part of my local parish council for many different periods and enjoyed this when my career and workload have allowed.  I am currently taking a break from this to give others in the community I live a chance, but help whenever I can and will no doubt go back to a role on the council at some point in the future. I am also keen on wildlife and photography and belong to several local groups which allow me to enjoy both of these passions. I have also been a sports coach for both tennis and football in the past and although currently not actively coaching I like to support my local clubs at events. I have thoroughly enjoyed being a governor as a member of staff for 17 years and the support and help this provides to ensure the school is well run and standards are as high as possible for the children to learn effectively. I wanted to continue this role when I moved from working at Lark Rise and offered my services to CLT as I felt that I could really help some of the schools with my experiences. I was delighted to know that this could be with Dallow as I have really enjoyed working with them as part of my roles within the Trust and know what a lovely community of learners, staff and families they work with. I have many years of experience working with a variety of schools and developing good practice and staff development. I bring a wealth of knowledge of school leadership, subject leadership and governance. I have acquired a good deal of knowledge of other areas such as parental engagement, residential trips and organising school events. I won a national Teaching Award in the year 2000 and was presented my award in front of 3000 people at the Millennium Dome as it was then, before it became the O2.
Mohammed Tariq (Co-opted Governor)
Mohammed Tariq born in Pakistan, came to this country at the age of 5 and lived in Luton since. Went to Foxdell Junior School, then Challney High for Boys, then Sixth Form College and then Luton Uni. Have 1 child – named Yusuf who is currently at Foxdell Junior School. Work At Inspire FM – local community radio station, as station operations Manager for 10 years. I support Liverpool!

 Angela Bradbury (Staff Governor)

The reason I have applied for this position is because I believe I could have a lot to contribute to the board of Governors based on the above, and bring a different perspective to the team from my position as Teaching assistant.

I am a teaching assistant and celebrated my 18 year Dallow anniversary on 1st December! It has been a journey filled with many highs (and a few lows!) but am very committed to my job role within the school. I currently work with a SEN child in year 2 and believe I have contributed hugely to his progress over the last year or so. I have an interest in Music and help with choir, have attended Young Voices with them over the last few years, and also accompanied children to Denbigh high school a few years ago during Feb half term so they could take part in their performance.

This Summer I worked for 3 weeks with the Level Trust at a summer club they ran and some Dallow children attended and had a great time!

On a more personal note, I can empathise with many Dallow families, as I have been a single parent and experienced financial hardship including losing our home, and believe it is crucial for children to have a good education which starts at Primary school. Imagine how proud I was last year when my son qualified as a Chartered accountant, a lot can be attributed to hard work and dedication on his part, but as he says, also the support and encouragement and opportunities given to him throughout his school years.