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At Dallow Primary School, our aim is to improve the life chances of every child by preparing them to become confident and enthusiastic readers and writers. For the majority of our children, English is a second language and do not have any prior English reading skills. It is essential that we address this and enable them to access the whole curriculum.  We are passionate about reading and believe Phonics is the foundation to developing accuracy and fluency as well as making reading and writing easier for our children. Phonics is a process of teaching children to hear, identify and use different sounds that distinguish one word from another. It helps children to learn the sounds of individual letters as well as combined letters, and use these sounds to segment and blend words to read and spell.  

We strive to teach our children skills for early reading through the Read Write Inc. programme for Phonics and want them to learn to read quickly and accurately. This allows our Phonics teaching and learning to be progressive from Reception up to Year 2 as well as allowing children’s listening and speaking skills to develop. In Reception, during the autumn term, Phonics is taught through whole class teaching combined with small group activities. From the spring term, children are streamed into groups based on their phonic knowledge and ability to read. As we progress into Year 1 and 2, the teaching of Phonics is continued to be taught in groups. All Phonics groups are assessed every half term and children are moved around in phonics groups to meet their learning needs and develop their ability to read. All Phonic teaching involves speaking, listening and spelling activities. Reading at Dallow does not stop at the end of the RWI session, a love of literature is at the heart of Dallow and we integrate this into every subject.

Phonics Strategy