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Dallow Primary School aims to provide a holistic curriculum in all of our Foundation subjects, and this approach underpins how we teach Geography, as part of our International Primary Curriculum (IPC). As our world develops into a global village and we strive to improve the life chances of every child, it is increasingly important that we understand and can relate to the wider world, as much as our immediate surroundings. This is particularly relevant to our community, as Luton Airport is a gateway to the world around us and shapes our daily lives, whether we realise it or not.

Following National Curriculum guidance, we recognise that understanding our world requires geographical knowledge and skills, as well as an engaging syllabus that stimulates a genuine interest in the world and people around us. Consequently, we seek to embed these through a gradual and structured syllabus from Foundation through to Year 6 in a creative and hands on way. Geography does not just take place in the classroom. We conduct experiments outside in the school grounds, and take field trips to local parks and Luton Airport, which all provide active and more memorable learning.

Children are exposed to a full range of teaching methods, ranging from traditional maps, atlases and globes through to digital mapping and aerial photographs. They are taught about physical and human geographical features, and enjoy in-depth studies of their own locality, Luton and the wider United Kingdom, which they can then compare with regions in Europe and further afield.

Pupils at Dallow Primary are given the opportunity to explore the world around them, starting locally, then expanding to national and international perspectives. Building on their learning they also engage in geography fieldwork, conducting studies to make observations, and later to measure and present their findings from these observations. In doing this pupils employ their reading, writing and mathematical skills, as well as learn an analytical approach to their work.

Through high quality teaching we develop the essential characteristics of geographers, children who understand their immediate community, in addition to the world beyond, which helps them appreciate how our planet has been, and continues to be, shaped.

Please click here to follow the learning journey from YR - Y6 in GeographyPlease click here to see the progression grid for YR - Y6 in Geography___