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Design & Technology

At Dallow Primary School, our philosophy within Design and Technology is to improve the life chances of every child as we encourage our children to unlock their creative potential by setting tasks that both challenge and inspire them. 

This includes designing, making and evaluating products that solve real and relevant problems within a variety of contexts, considering their own needs as well as their communities, such as Y1 bird feeders and Y2 puppets.

Design and Technology at Dallow also allows children to develop their own skills to better their lives through an understanding of food and nutrition, healthy diets and food preparation.  Year 1 research and prepare a healthy packed lunch for themselves and look at skills, such as cutting and chopping. By the end of Key Stage 2, the children are then able to prepare a meal with a secure understanding of food safety and Year 6 are able to safely prepare and bake pitta bread in their topic Out of Africa.

Design and Technology provides the children at Dallow with several opportunities across the curriculum to creatively solve problems as individuals and members of a team. Throughout these activities, the children are able to build upon their knowledge of other subjects. For example, within their Feel the Force unit, Year 3 are able to consolidate their knowledge of friction and gravity when making marble runs. Furthermore, Year 4 are able to show their understanding of history within their Temples, Tombs and Treasures unit, by researching, designing and creating their own canopic jars. Year 5 are also given the opportunity to show their geographical knowledge when researching where food comes from in their Earth as an Island topic.

The central aim of Design and Technology at Dallow is to provide children with the opportunities to learn how to better their own lives, as well as provide them with the skills to enhance their community. Through Design and Technology, the children of Dallow transform themselves into engineers, chefs, inventors and creators of the future, ready to further these skills in secondary school and beyond.

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