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English Curriculum

At Dallow, literacy skills are at the heart of everything we do.

Children are encouraged to discover the value of strong communication and the importance of Reading, Reading for Pleasure and Writing in all aspects of their futures.

Our children are driven to engage with a variety of different texts and genres. They use their problem solving skills from early in their Literacy learning to decode and later deduce themes from the books they study. Children at Dallow are confident learners who develop their Literacy skills through a range of independent and partner tasks as well as whole class discussions and debate. During the day all classes will have a period of group reading or sessions when books are shared with the teacher, other adults or other children.

Teachers use the National curriculum supported by the Read Write Inc. to devise engaging and exciting lessons which lead our children through the stages of their literacy learning. Across the school children are encouraged to challenge and discuss their ideas, building on their ability to communicate their thoughts clearly and justify their opinions. Throughout our school children develop their love of literature and are inspired to view the books they read as a gateway to their future aspirations.

Accelerated Reader 

 is well embedded across the whole school and our children aspire to reaching the many milestones set for them.